Let’s agree “risk” is the “potential to lose” something; and sometimes it takes courage to get to the other-side of that risk.

RISK-TAKING is important to the practice of art making. No matter the material, one’s art grows through the process of taking risks – compounding the investment of time and money. A process which cultivates the work as it develops a mature hand and eye is challenged by our fear of failure.

Viewing the work, better yet, treating the work as precious undoubtedly creates a sense of FEAR which paralyzes any action. 

I totally get it.

There are and continue to be moments when a RISK taken causes me to step back from my work and stand in horror. 

These are “growth spurts.” even though at the time it feels more like being cut off at the knees for a variety of reasons not withstanding the sense of losing time, effort, and money.

Risk-taking invites the artist to engage the work more intimately with questions. 

Does it need to be louder? quieter? Is it disjointed? What can bring unity to the disjointedness? Is it too bright, dull, dark, colorful, not enough color? How are the values working? …

Responding to these and many more queries make room for the dialogue between the artist and the work. It is this magically  movement that brings me into the studio everyday. 

Art Making and Risk Taking is what it is all about.