My work is about the overarching concept of memory. The undercurrent force of memory is quiet but prominent and can be witnessed in life/death and the cycle of life. My art begins with a concept and ends with a work of art. The gap between the two is my process. My process is fed by what follows.

I look at life through a Kabbalistic understanding of the Hebrew scriptures. It considers them as Black Fire on White Fire. The Hebrew ink-drawn characters as Black Fire – White Fire is the parchment hosting unseen characters/letters. United they complete a message, meaning, and understanding. I expanded its teaching beyond its intent to many areas but two dominate – our inner and outer self, and the vast influence of memories.

Our inner world is in strong contrast with what is shared with others, and I liken it to Black on White Fire. There is a distinct gap between what is kept inside, known, and unknown to what is shared with the world. It reveals that we too are like the Hebrew scriptures – we are containers of the seen and unseen, known and unknown.

Memory carries these attributes and exists in everything. Memory may be seen in the DNA helix and noted are perceptible gaps. An example are the studies of twins separated at birth who led mysteriously parallel lives, regardless of different environments and diverse upbringing. Something is operating beyond data determining eye color and such.

This all-encompassing concept is always operating behind scene and most certainly front and forward in my art practice.